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Residents say C-470 sound wall went up without notice, blocks view

Posted at 9:19 PM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-28 00:48:41-05

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo -- The view of Chatfield Reservoir sold Loren Gunderson on his home 26 years ago. He could deal with the noise from C-470 for that view. 

His view began to change last week when a series of concrete pillars were installed along C-470 near Wadsworth. He soon learned it was the beginning of a noise reducing wall.

"When I saw the height of the pylons I realized it would completely take away my view of Lake Chatfield in the background," said Gunderson. 

Gunderson and other neighbors on his court say they were aware a noise reducing wall might be a possibility but the construction came as a surprise.

“My information was that we would be contacted in the neighborhood before they did it," said Gunderson.

In fact, he attended several meetings about the project when it was just in the initial stages. Now he feels like he is being left out of the conversation and several nearby residents agree. 

“Ultimately, the lack of community involvement has brought up the pressure cooker in the neighborhood," said Brian Lyod. “And all of a sudden out of the blue here we are drilling holes."

Denver7 has reached out to a CDOT spokesperson to ask about these concerns and have yet to hear back.