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Dozens gather at Capitol to celebrate, protest transition of power; 2 arrested on weapons violations

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Posted at 6:01 PM, Jan 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-21 10:40:53-05

DENVER -- Some people came to celebrate, some to protest, and some to send a message of unity.

Crowd gathers at State Capitol

Upward of a hundred or so people gathered at the Colorado State Capitol to mark the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris Wednesday.

Several minority groups cheering as one of their own became vice president.

Keith Hodson cracked open a bottle of champagne. He's a Joe Biden supporter.

"I was here with three (bottles) when he won the election. I thought one was good enough today," he said.

Robin Burgess and her family were also in a celebratory mood.

"Our initial plan was to go to Washington D.C. and be part of that actual inauguration," she said.

But the COVID -19 pandemic put a kibosh on those plans, so they decided to celebrate at Colorado's Capitol.

Burgess told Denver7 that Kamala Harris being elected vice \president is a "big deal" for her children, who are bi-racial.

"Especially, my daughter," she said. "She really looks up to her, so we made the shirt because her vice president looks just like her now."

Burgess Family
Burgess Family

Not everyone who gathered at the Capitol supports the new administration.

Drew McDaniel, said he's a Trump supporter. He said he doesn't hate Joe Biden, and that he went to the Capitol out of love for for America.

A group of anti-government protesters, who marched from Cheesman Park to the Capitol, confronted some anti-abortion protesters and set an American flag on fire.

Protesters burn American flag

They want change in the American system.

Some rally participants just wanted to show their support for Joe Biden.

When asked his reaction to ongoing claims that the election was rigged, Rick Bryant said, "he (Trump) lost and America needs to get over it."

Matt Gnojek, who was dressed as Captain America, said, "today is a reminder that democracy is still alive" in the U.S.

Captain America

Gnojek, said he normally tries to walk a fine line, putting his heart before a red badge or a blue badge, but "January 6 changed that a bit. It made it not about (political) sides, but about being on the side of democracy."

Police said two protesters were arrested Wednesday morning at Cheesman Park for weapons violations.

Christopher Hughley, 31, was arrested for Obstruction Equipment Prohibited (mace.)

Thomas Yannuzzi, 33, was arrested for Dangerous Weapons (brass knuckles.)