Report: Colorado among states with best health care

Report: Colorado among states with best health care
Posted at 12:56 PM, Aug 07, 2017

DENVER – Colorado has some of the best health care in the country, according to a new report from WalletHub.

The Centennial State landed in 13th place on WalletHub’s list of the “best” states for health care.

What does that mean, exactly?

In its effort to rank each state (and Washington, DC), WalletHub looked at a range of factors, including cost, access and health outcomes. That means states were graded on things like out-of-pocket medical spending, hospital beds per capita, doctors and clinics per capita, the share of insured adults and children, life expectancy and rates of diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

In essence, the report aims to measure not just availability of health services, but also their value and efficacy, in order to give a more comprehensive picture of health care in each state.

Colorado ranked especially well in certain health issue-related measures, with the fourth-lowest cancer rate in the country and the third-lowest rate of heart disease, according to WalletHub.

Hawaii came in at the top of the list, while Louisiana landed at the bottom.

Here are the top 15 states overall, according to WalletHub:

1. Hawaii
2. Iowa
3. Minnesota
4. New Hampshire
5. District of Columbia
6. Connecticut
7. South Dakota
8. Vermont
9. Massachusetts
10. Rhode Island
11. Maryland
12. Kansas
13. Colorado
14. Maine
15. Utah

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