Denver7 Electronics Recycling Drive brings in 170,000 pounds of devices

Just $5 per carload + additional fees for some items
Electronic waste
Posted at 12:39 PM, Aug 23, 2021

Update: Thanks to everyone who attended the Denver7 Electronics Recycling Drive, sponsored by AAA. More than 2,000 vehicles filled with nearly 170,000 pounds of devices were recycled.

Denver7 Electronics Recycling Drive: Nearly 170,000 pounds of devices collected

Do you have old or broken electronics that you’re ready to get rid of? Bring them to the Denver7 Electronics Recycling Drive, where you can safely and responsibly dispose of your unwanted electronics in a convenient drive-through format.

Denver7 is partnering with Techno Rescue for the Denver7 Electronics Recycling Drive, sponsored by AAA, on Saturday, Sept. 18 from 7:00 a.m. to noon in Parking Lot H at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park (Quebec Street entrance) in Commerce City.

Bring your TVs, computers, DVD players, VCRs, cell phones, fax machines, boom boxes, alarm clocks, small appliances and more. Almost anything that plugs into the wall or uses a battery can be recycled at this event.

Old and used electric home waste.
Old and used electric home waste. Obsolete pc computer, telephone, CRT monitor, DVD.

While you are strongly encouraged to remove all data from your devices before bringing them to the Denver7 Electronics Recycling Drive (details on how to do that follow below), you can rest assured that all collected items will have the data destroyed by a three-pass data wipe and/or physical destruction of the device by Techno Rescue.

Cost is $5 per carload with additional fees for the following items:

$5 for each LCD monitor
$20 for each TV or CRT monitor 21” and smaller
$45 for each TV or CRT monitor 22” and larger
$45 for each floor model printer
$90 for each DLP/Projection or Console TV

Techno Rescue has reduced their prices for this event, making it one of the least expensive ways to recycle your electronics. Cash and credit cards will be accepted.

Electronic waste
Electronic waste

Why should I recycle my electronics?
By recycling your electronics, you’re saving energy and space in landfills, while also preventing the environmental pollution that occurs when electronic waste is simply tossed in the trash. Plus, the raw materials in your electronics can be repurposed by producing new devices. (It’s also illegal to throw electronics in the trash in Colorado.)

Why do I have to pay to get my items recycled?
Some electronic devices contain chemicals that are dangerous to the soil, groundwater and air. These chemicals can accumulate in our bodies if not handled properly. The processes for handling electronic devices in a way that protects the environment and workers’ health and safety is not inexpensive, therefore Techno Rescue will be charging a small fee (with additional charges for some items) to help cover their costs.

What can be recycled?
Anything that plugs into the wall or takes a battery, with the exclusion of a few items listed below.

What items cannot be recycled?
Broken or exposed CRT TV or projection TV tubes • Alkaline or household batteries • Large household appliances • Light bulbs • PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) ballasts or other PCB containing material • Freon equipment including refrigerators and air conditioners • Mercury or equipment containing Mercury • Gasoline or other combustible fuel equipment • Pressurized tanks or canisters • Aerosol cans • Office furniture • Paper • Books • Cardboard • Plastic • Glass • Tires • Fluids • Paint • Solvents • Chemicals • Smoke detectors • Carbon monoxide detectors • Thermostats • Neon signs • Radioactive equipment or materials • Un-sanitized healthcare or medical equipment • Items containing asbestos

How should I prepare my electronics to be recycled?
First, back up all data to your cloud, external hard drive or a new device. Then reset the device as follows:

· For Windows based computers: type “reset” in the search bar at the lower left corner of their screen. Then click “reset this PC” followed by “get started” and then “remove everything”. Follow prompts until completed.
· For Apple computers: click here for complete instructions.
· Chromebooks and Android devices (cell/tablet) should be logged out of Google account and factory reset
· Apple cell phones/tablets log out of Apple ID account and factory reset. Click here for further instructions.

Techno Rescue will perform an additional data wipe on all items collected at this event.