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Recognize this photo? Airport bartender tries to get lost memento home

Posted at 9:16 PM, Jan 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-23 00:31:32-05

DENVER — Millions of people travel through Denver’s airport every month. One of them lost a single family photo. Can you help it get back to the rightful owner?

Millie Wilkinson worked at Colorado Sports Bar at DIA as a bartender. In November, she says she found something unusual.

“We put stuff that people leave on the back of the bar, and I was just cleaning, and I saw it there,” she told Denver7.

It was a bookmark in someone’s travel reading. A single, black and white, old photo of a man holding his two kids. 

“Someone honestly did not mean to leave that,” Wilkinson said. “It’s somebody history.”

There weren’t many clues to it, other than the snow in the background of the picture until the finder turned it over to find a hand-written note covering the back. 

Circa 1951 - a few years removed from the war, but former Lt Colonel DB Kernigan is full of faith, full of fatherly gravitas. After so much death, so much destruction, to return to a wife who waited, a two bedroom house, a kitchen full of food, and these two young lives makes every difference in the world. No more guns, explosions, muck, wire, the infinity of every day of DB’s WWII situation… No more! It may be 7 degrees above 0, but DB is now as warm as it gets 

“That’s just somebody life. Somebody’s story,” Wilkinson said. 

She now wants the next chapter in that story to be a happy ending for this memento. 

“I’d really like for these people to get this back somehow,” she said. “Because I know if it was mine I would be so ever grateful if I got that back.”