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Rash of car break-ins leads to hunt for suspects in the Town of Bennett

Sheriff: At least 30 break-ins in the past few days
Posted at 6:38 PM, Jun 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-21 20:38:44-04

BENNETT, Colo. -- A warning for those living in the small I-70 town of Bennett in Adams County: Don't leave your car doors unlocked at night.

The Adams County Sheriff's Office says it's had a string of about 30 reported car break-ins and other vandalism reports in the past few weeks.

"People are feeling violated, but we've got to lock our cars," said Adams County Sheriff's commander Karl Smalley. "We're not the quiet little town we were several years ago."

Vandals poured sugar into Russell Riegler's gas tank.

"Walked out and found my gas tank cracked way open," Riegler said. "Opened the full gas tank and there's sugar on the ground, leading into the tank. This is my first vehicle and I couldn't be any more devastated."

Adams County posted photos of at least one suspect on its Facebook page.

"We want to get right person, or persons involved," Smalley said.

It's the latest in a surge of vandalism.

Back in April someone broke out the decades old VFW sign.

"It's just a shame they have to deface the VFW and break into cars," said VFW chaplain Dan Goodnight. "We've got a lot of new housing additions coming in, which is bringing new people in, outsiders in. Just misguided kids with nothing better to do."

Thanks to community donations the VFW now has a new sign.

If you have any information about the latest rash of break-ins, call Commander Smalley at 303-622-9797.