Hickenlooper is on Team Peyton

Posted at 5:06 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 19:06:12-05

It’s one of the biggest issues plaguing Colorado as of late, and Governor Hickenlooper is taking a stand.

“My inclination, given that there seems to be some level of intervention from somewhere, it pushes me to support Peyton Manning,” he said in a Tuesday press conference, where he also answered questions about the upcoming legislative session and his upcoming wedding.

Hickenlooper called Denver’s team blessed and said there are many reasons why, four wins that the Broncos didn’t expect this season.

The governor characterized Manning’s career specifically in the same way and said when it comes to any quarterback controversy, there’s no question that No. 18 should start against the Steelers in Sunday’s playoff game.

“Lord knows he has had one of the most blessed careers and I think --  he is one of the most remarkable (athletes) and is consistently and deeply good,” Hickenlooper said. “Give him the ball, let him get out there and see what he can do.”

Hickenlooper praised the quarterback for philanthropic work off the field

“When he finishes football he is going to go out and do great things in the world and be very selfless. There’s stuff that I hear about all the time, that he does above and beyond what everyone does, and never talks about it. Nobody ever hears about it. And you scratch your head and say, you don’t do those things unless you are a deeply good person.”