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PrideFest Weekend goes virtual to celebrate

Posted at 3:52 PM, Jun 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-21 19:52:50-04

DENVER — One of the biggest parts of the PrideFest every year is the gatherings and social interaction. This year that couldn't happen due to COVID-19 concerns, so a pivot was needed.

"There's been so many wonderful partnerships that came out of us going virtual that people have offered to us. Ways to make it more fun and exciting," organizer Dixie Krystals said.

Denver7 was among those partnering to help with the virtual events with the virtual Pride Parade, but some organizations involved wanted more than just the parade online.

"It looked much different this time when most of us are celebrating Pride from home instead of marching down the street or dancing together for Pride weekend," One Colorado Executive Director Daniel Ramos said.

One Colorado usually holds a rally after the parade to celebrate the yearly political accomplishments, which has been big this past week.

"Monday, we had a historic Supreme Court decision affirming LGBTQ workers, and we use this as an opportunity on the west steps of the Capitol," Ramos said.

That also went virtual, just like everything else this weekend.

"We need to stay in small groups and be staying safe and healthy, but yes, we miss it a lot," Ramos said.

But there still is a party, even if online, looking to bring back that prideful feeling next year.

"Remembering what this year was like and what it meant for us. I think people will celebrate and recognize the importance of celebrating," Ramos said.