President Clinton stumps against Trump in Colorado

Posted at 7:03 PM, Nov 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 21:04:15-04

DENVER -- There are four days left until Election Day and both campaigns are pouring all they have left in the effort to win Colorado.

President Bill Clinton campaigned for his wife Friday in Pueblo, Denver and Fort Collins.

He told an enthusiastic crowd at the EXDO Event Center to "take personal responsibility for how this turns out," encouraging them to go door to door to get out the vote.

"Everyone knows that Colorado, of all places, should support Hillary for President because you are the state of the future, and you know that the attacks of her opponents -- that America is going downhill and we have a grave future and everything is bad -- is wrong," he said.

Clinton focused on the difference between how Hillary and how Donald Trump see America right now and how they see it down the road.

"You have to be a person... with a certain level of experience, to know exactly what 'make America great again'  means," he said.

Clinton said he understands there is anger out there.

"Do we think anger is more important than answers? No. Answers are more important than anger," he said. Empowerment is more important than resentment. Cooperation is more important than conflict and bridges work better than walls every single time," Clinton said. 

Clinton advised supporters who encounter opponents to tell them, "We believe in what we say.  We all want to rise together but you're wrong when you say 'we've got a bleak future.' You're wrong when you say 'we'd be better off divided.' You're wrong when you say 'economics is about subtraction.'  That's wrong.  Economics is about addition."

Several Clinton supporters brought their children to the rally, some as a class project at Clear Sky Elementary School in Castle Rock.

"This is my daughter Sami," said Amy Lyda.  "I wanted her here because it's a moment in history. It's a big deal for us."

When asked what stood out most about Clinton's speech, Sarah Kane said, "What stood out the most to me is just the power and strength that the two of them have together."

Anna Porter said she appreciated Clinton's "positive outlook."

"A lot of people are angry," she said. "That's fine.  But the way to move forward is with solutions and not to just be tearing everybody down."


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