Pot of coffee takes on literal meaning for Boulder company Steep Fuze

Posted at 4:41 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-06 22:00:21-04

BOULDER, Colo., - When brewing up a cup of coffee at home, most people look for the nearest cream or sugar.

But a Boulder business is adding hemp extract to their coffee to serve as what they call a "healing touch" to your morning boost.

“It’s sort of the best way to start your day,” said Devin Jamroz, the founder of Steep Fuze. 

Jamroz got the idea to mix hemp extract with coffee after a back injury several years ago. 

“Every morning I would have my CBD extract, my tincture, and then immediately chase it with coffee to get the horrible taste out of my mouth," Jamroz said. "Then I just had this 'ah ha' moment.”

After experimenting with ways to blend the two, he worked with a local Boulder coffee roaster to infuse the coffee beans with the extract. 

“The endocannabinoid system, if it’s stimulated by one particular cannabinoid, that’s great, it’s working for you. But different cannabinoids bond to different receptors,” said Jamroz.  “We use broad-spectrum extract to get all of the cannabinoids, so it’s full-spectrum hemp extract.”

Jamroz said just one or two cups of infused coffee can help with anxiety, pain, hangovers, stomach aches -- they won’t leave you with caffeine jitters either.

The coffee costs $75 per pound, which Jamroz said boils down to about $1.60 per cup.

“You get 45 servings per pound and 450 milligrams -- we pack it in there,” said Jamroz.  “Forty-five days' worth of medicine all of a sudden. You compare that to 45 days on a prescription and, you know, it’s night and day.”  

Jamroz said the biggest struggle was to get a perfect balance of oil and coffee in one cup.

“We’ve spent two years refining the process to figure out how to infuse the beans without ruining the flavor or the profile of the bean, but also to preserve...the integrity of the CBD or the hemp extract,” said Jamroz.

The coffee is available online or at the Unseen Bean in Boulder, which will brew any of your favorite coffee creations with the infused beans.


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