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Porch pirate strikes twice in a day, steals gifts from 2-year-old

Posted at 3:47 PM, Dec 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-17 20:12:01-05

DENVER — One of the most brazen porch pirates of the season not only struck twice in an afternoon at the same Denver home, but stole packages containing Christmas gifts for a 2-year-old girl.

“When it’s all your kid’s presents it’s awful,” dad Chad Schneider said. “It feels like they stole from your kids.”

The Schneiders had ordered eight packages from Amazon. Most were for their 2-year-old daughter Zyla. On Wednesday afternoon around 2 p.m., their home security camera captured a random woman walking onto the family’s porch, picking up a few packages, and leaving.

But a few minutes later, the same woman came back onto the porch and grabbed the several remaining packages, loading them into her empty shopping bags.

“They essentially made out with all eight packages,” Schneider said.

The Schneiders posted their security video on NextDoor. A neighbor, not knowing what had happened, also posted a separate warning on the neighborhood site, warning of a woman who was spotted in a nearby alley with bags full of packages. She was dressed the same as the person in the security video, with the same looking shopping bags.

“She was the Grinch,” the upset father added. “She stole those presents.”

The family was able to get a partial refund, as Amazon does replace some packages that are stolen. They’ve reordered gifts for Christmas (with new delivery instructions), and are hoping their holiday season isn’t overshadowed by that Grinch.

“Come Christmas hopefully this is the last thing we’re thinking about,” Schneider said.

Contact7 is committed to bringing attention to porch pirates by putting their photos on TV, with the hopes they are caught. If you are a victim of one, email your videos in to