Popular Highlands Ranch swimming pool closed until at least Tuesday after kids got sick

Westridge Recreation Center children's pool closed
Posted at 8:59 PM, Jun 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-21 00:38:42-04

A popular swimming pool is temporarily closed after concerns of a mysterious illness.  

The children’s pool at Westridge Recreation Center in Highlands Ranch will be closed until tomorrow. 

Several parents called the community association on Sunday evening after their kids got sick.    

All of the children had swam in the pool on Friday.  

"He just vomited all over the restaurant and was complaining of really bad like cramps on his side and then he was sick all through the night," said parent Kimberly Somers.  Her young son Brecken is finally feeling better.

Somers and other mothers made the swimming pool connection over the weekend. "We were just texting late last night and the question was posed by a friend, hey is anyone else of their kids getting sick, all of sudden, we all figured it out,” she said.

Denver7 reached out to the Tri-County Health Department. 

Officials won't say how many kids have gotten sick, they also say they won't speculate on what could possibly be in the water sickening kids. 

For the moment, they say there's no direct evidence something in the water caused the problems.

Still, the pool is closed as the water is being treated with heavy amounts of chlorine.

"That cleans the filters, that does the wash and everything we can possibly do in order to eliminate any possibility of those people being sick from this pool," said Jaime Noebel of the Highlands Ranch Community Association.

As the water is tested, So too are the children.
The Tri-County Health Department is now taking stool samples to help determine the origin and the cause of the illnesses.