Police recognize 4/20 with hilarious Tweets, photos

Police recognize 4/20 with hilarious Tweets, photos
Posted at 12:52 PM, Apr 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-20 14:54:58-04

DENVER — Police are people too, and they know very well it's 4/20. They also know what it means, but that doesn't mean they can't have fun with the day.

For most of the country, it means a celebration of an illegal substance. For Colorado, it means a great deal of illegal use (yes, smoking is still illegal outdoors) of a legal substance. 

Granted, police in Colorado will turn something of a blind eye on a day where many are consuming, but they're living it up on social media still.

Denver Police went as far as saying, "Das ok, we dont really mind." 

One agency in Wyoming, Minnesota posted a now-viral photo of "undercover" 4/20 operations. The clever photo simply depicts a lineup of munchies and an officer waiting nearby with a net. 

Speaking of traps, we doubt many people fell for this doughnut trap, although somebody undoubtedly enjoyed the doughnuts! 

Rewards were offered by this Minnesota police department for tips, but who could turn down a Snickers?

Some memes were used, but for a good cause: Promoting safe driving. 

How about a round of applause for our humorous friends in blue? 

Learn more about how 4/20 got its roots here.

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