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Police offer storage facility tips after veteran's belongings stolen from trailer

Posted at 4:36 PM, Jan 02, 2020

LITTLETON, Colo. -- A veteran's move to Colorado is off to a bad start after his trailer was stolen from the parking lot of a public storage facility.

Kevin Miller says his Purple Heart was inside that trailer, along with thousands of dollars worth of other items. He says whoever stole the trailer also got away with several guns, electronics and tools.

"I'd like to see my stuff returned. If it's not returned, at the very least I'd like to see someone held accountable for it," said Miller.

As Littleton police continue to investigate the theft, they are offering tips about how to protect your valuables if you're using a storage unit.

  • Research crime statistics in the area before you decide to rent at a particular storage facility
  • Buy a quality lock
  • Check your belongings on a regular basis — ideally every couple weeks
  • Keep an inventory list of your items by recording serial numbers and taking photos.

"If it’s a gun, if it’s electronics equipment, if it’s appliances, if it’s anything you might store that’s got a serial number on it — take a picture of it and record it. That’s really the way we have the most success in solving these crimes is the property gets recovered and we can start the investigation by working backwards from there," said Littleton Police Commander Trent Cooper.

According to police statistics, there have been 17 burglaries at Littleton Public Storage since January 2019. Records also show six criminal trespassing complaints and six vehicle thefts during that time.

"That’s not unique, a lot of these public storage facilities have crime problems," said Cooper.