Stay safe when using ride-sharing services

Posted at 9:12 PM, Dec 31, 2015
and last updated 2016-01-01 00:47:39-05

After the clock strikes midnight party-goers will be looking for a safe way to get home. Ride sharing services are an increasingly popular option but police want to make sure those passengers know some important tips first.

Broomfield Police are encouraging people to plan ahead and stay alert. Sgt. Steve Griebel offered the following tips if you plan on using ride-sharing services like Uber of Lyft.

“I’m hoping people utilize services like that, law enforcement is going to be out tonight arresting impaired drivers," said Sgt. Griebel.

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First be sure to verify the identity of the driver and their car by using the app. You can also check the driver's rating.

“Ideally we would like them to plan ahead and if they’re going to do it have the app on their phone and do the checking beforehand before they’ve had a few drinks and they’re going to be safer if they do that," said Sgt. Griebel.

He says it's a good idea to let family and friends know where you're going to be.

Before you request a ride, ask to be picked up in a high traffic area. Once your ride arrives, the car will usually have a sticker or some kind of identification.

"You always always have the right to back out if something doesn't feel right if your gut instinct is saying something I just don't like something about the car, something about the driver, something about maybe where they want to pick you up I would back out and cancel the ride," said Griebel.

CDOT's website lists promotional codes for various ride-sharing services. Lyft riders can use the code CDOTRideSafe for a $20 credit on their first ride. Passengers can receive $20 off their first Uber ride by typing in the code NODUICO.