Police: Man flags down motorists to escape fake cop in Boulder County

Posted at 6:22 PM, Aug 30, 2017

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. – A man seen flagging down motorists on a Boulder County road Tuesday evening wasn't soliciting loose change, he was desperately trying to get away from a man who deputies say wasn't who he appeared to be.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office says the man the victim was attempting to flee was impersonating an officer and had just pulled the victim over near 61st Street and Andrus Road in unincorporated Boulder County.

Deputies arrested Dominic Fell, 23, of Longmont, shortly after the incident and booked him into the Boulder County Jail.

Deputies say Fell was wearing plain clothes and a Boulder County Sheriff’s Office baseball cap when he used a set of red and blue flashing lights in his windshield to stop the victim around 5:45 p.m.

Once stopped, deputies say Fell approached the car and asked the victim for his driver’s license and then ordered him out of the vehicle, where he allegedly ordered the victim to put his hands on his car.

Deputies say the victim became suspicious at that point and asked to see Fell’s badge, but when the suspect was unable to produce one, the victim took off and attempted to get the attention of passing motorists.

Deputies say Fell didn’t stick around much longer after the fake traffic stop fell apart. The suspect got back into his car and took off. But that wasn’t the last time the victim would encounter Fell.

About an hour later, the victim spotted Fell near a Boulder King Soopers and called police, but the suspect had left the area before authorities arrived. He was identified and arrested a short time later.

Deputies searched Fell’s car and found additional items belonging to the sheriff’s office, including an old rain jacket, an old uniform shirt, a bullhorn, and old duty gear.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office says Fell obtained the items from a family member who works for the sheriff’s office. Investigators don't believe the family member knew the items were being used by Fell.

Fell is facing charges of felony impersonation of a peace officer, harassment, and misdemeanor menacing.

If you have doubts about an officer's identity, authorities recommend calling dispatch to make sure they know of a police officer making a stop in the area. Also, If the officer is out of uniform and in plain clothing, you should ask why.