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2 men shot, 1 dead in southwest Denver neighborhood, police investigating

Posted at 8:01 AM, Mar 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-12 18:09:30-04

DENVER – Police are now investigating the death of one man in a southwest Denver neighborhood as a homicide.

Police said two men were shot in the area of South Grove Street near the intersection with West Vassar Avenue sometime before 5 a.m. Monday. Both were taken to the hospital, but one of the men succumbed to his injuries, according a Denver Police Department spokesperson.

Officers had the area of West Yale Avenue and South Green Court blocked off following reports of gunshots in the area.

Sources told Denver7 reporter Daryl Orr that an incident involving a person in a truck bringing a patient to Swedish Hospital around 4:45 a.m. was connected to the West Yale investigation. 

Outside the Englewood hospital, police had an area around the truck taped off as homicide detectives examined the scene. The passenger window appeared to have been shot out.

No suspect information has so far been released since the shooting took place.

Police only said you should contact Crime Stoppers with any information you have pertaining to the shooting.