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'Please tow me': Denver car gets a message after parking mixup but driver had good excuse

Neighbors say the area needs better signage
Posted at 4:54 PM, Jun 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-28 22:16:14-04

DENVER -- Sometimes, we're not always as neighborly as we should be. A misunderstanding over a parking spot in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is proof of that.

Someone took polish of some sort and wrote "No Parking" on a car's front windshield, and on the back, "Please tow me." It happened at 14th and Humboldt. Neighbors said that spot often confuses drivers because it is not clearly marked.

“It just looks like a spot," said Amanda, a nearby resident.

The "No Parking" sign sits on the north side of a large driveway, and on the south side, there appears to be a large area where parking might be allowed.

“It looks like it's a no-parking sign for blocking this driveway here," said another neighbor.

"Nobody really knows," Amanda said.

Then, about six days ago, someone left the note.

“I thought it was a pretty humorous way to get a point across," said Ashlee Ryan, who also lives in the area.

"I want to apologize,” said the guy who owns the car and simply asked us to identify him as Bowie. “I didn't know I was in the wrong spot."

The comments got pretty nasty on Nextdoor.

"In support of my car being vandalized,” Bowie said. “And I just wanted to chime in and apologize, and also explain the story and kind of defend myself."

Because if anyone had a good excuse for parking there, it's Bowie.

"I was a little frazzled,” he said. "My wife goes into a labor and I'm looking for a parking spot. I drove up and down three blocks and finally found that spot.”

Then, they rushed to the hospital.

“I had to get my wife to the hospital to have this little bugger here,” he said while holding his newborn. “This is Zoey June. This is our daughter."

“That explains why the car stayed as long as it did,” Ryan said. “Despite having it's little ‘note’ on it."

"You could just leave a little note on a piece of paper," Amanda said.

"I learned my lesson,” Bowie said. “Don't park on 14th and Humboldt. They need a sign."

Neighbors here have filed at least three separate complaints with the City of Denver. They argue the sign is on the wrong side of the driveway. Denver Public Works said Friday that it is assessing the situation.