People rushed to help a driver stuck in his car after a crash on I-70

People rescue driver from fiery I-70 crash
Posted at 9:52 PM, Jul 30, 2019

DENVER -- Several people rushed to help a driver after a car caught on fire on I-70 near Airport Road Tuesday.

The Aurora Fire Department says after people were able to get the person out of the car, he was taken to the hospital and is recovering from his injuries.

Pulling over to the side after seeing the car engulfed in flames, Nia Sims says her heart was pounding as people tried getting the driver out.

"It was like, ten people all trying to help him at once but I think the car must have been too hot or something," she said.

Sims says she then saw people grab fire extinguishers from their cars and begin to put the fire out.

"And I'd seen three people grab fire extinguishers and break the window, put the fire out and grab the guy out the passenger side, thank God," Sims said, adding if it weren't for the people who risked their lives to get the driver out, the driver could have died.

"Just thank God we have heroes who are able to save people and not afraid to risk their own lives to help the next person."