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PeakMed launches new mobile health clinic in metro Denver

Posted at 12:12 PM, Nov 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-20 14:12:33-05

DENVER – A Colorado health care provider is aiming to make medicine more personal and accessible with a new mobile clinic that can park right outside a patient’s workplace.

Englewood-based PeakMed is a primary care provider that does away with health insurance. Instead of paying a premium to an insurance company, members pay PeakMed a monthly fee for coverage. There are no copays or deductibles and members can visit their doctor at a PeakMed clinic – known as a “LifeCenter” – as often as they wish.

With the addition of the Mobile LifeCenter, PeakMed can bring the doctor’s office right to the patient.

PeakMed coordinates with its participating employers to park the Mobile LifeCenter outside the business. That way, any employee who needs to see a doctor can do so without having to take time off work.

The van is equipped with an exam table and all the necessary equipment to conduct routine exams, draw blood and treat minor injuries and illnesses. 

“Doctors used to make house calls, but we’ve gotten away from that personal outreach,” said PeakMed Founder and Chief Medical Officer Mark Tomasulo. “We hope to bring that back with our Mobile LifeCenter, which brings all our regular diagnostic amenities directly to our members.”

Doctor Christine Wildeman, who staffs the mobile clinic, said it’s refreshing to have the opportunity to build the kind of personal relationship with her patients that’s hard to find these days.

“It’s like old-fashioned medicine where your doctor actually knew you,” Wildeman said.

PeakMed pricing starts at $79 per month for a single adult and increases to $283 per month for a family consisting of two adults and three or more children.

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