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Parole board says convicted sex offender recently arrested was in 'low range' to reoffend

Kenneth Dean Lee is accused of sexually assaulting 7-year-old
Posted at 6:15 PM, Dec 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-22 20:33:25-05

AURORA, Colo. — A convicted sex offender released on parole in 2020 after serving less than six years of his sentence was recently arrested over allegations he sexually assaulted a 7-year-old girl in Aurora.

Denver7 has obtained the audio of the December 2019 parole hearing for 65-year-old Kenneth Dean Lee, who is now facing new charges after being arrested on Dec. 10.

"I will be known as the person who can be trusted," Lee said in the hearing.

The parole hearing was five years after he was sentenced to 23 years to life for kidnapping and sexual assault of a child.

"I regret the harm I've caused," Lee said.

The long-time child predator claimed to have remorse for what he's done to his victims dating back to the early 90s, which includes going to the homes of immigrant families, claiming to be an immigration official and then using that power to sexually assault a child in the home.

In the hearing, the parole official on multiple occasions applauded Lee's ability to go into details of what happened.

Lee was released on parole in April of 2020, making a promise during his parole hearing: "The only amends I can make to the victims of my crimes is my commitment to do no more harm and have no more victims."

Just a year and a half after his release, Lee allegedly broke his promise to change, accused of reverting back to his old, heinous ways. Lee was arrested on Dec. 10 after Aurora Police Department said he used the same guise of impersonating an immigration official to enter a home in the 1300 block of N. Chester Street in northwest Aurora, and sexually assault a young girl on Dec. 9.

George Brauchler, the former district attorney, was shaken when he learned the accusations against Lee.

"When I heard that he had been released back into the community, that was a sickening feeling because it was so predictable," Brauchler said.

“I am incredibly frustrated that a person convicted of sexually violent crimes was released years early," said John Kellner, the current district attorney for the18th Judicial District. “I think we deserve answers from the Department of Corrections, the Parole Board and the Sex Offender Management Board.”

The Department of Corrections did not respond to a request for an interview, only saying “the authority to grant parole lies with the Parole Board.”

The Colorado State Parole Board also declined an interview and provided the following statement:

“This is extremely gut wrenching as this deranged individual preyed on vulnerable individuals - when this was reviewed by the board the individual was participating in offense specific treatment, had met the criteria required to be considered for parole, and medical professionals believed he was at low risk to society to reoffend. This case was considered on these merits in Dec. 2019, granted in January 2020 and had nothing to do with the pandemic.”

The parole board also provided the "Criteria for Successful Progress in Treatment in Prison, Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC)," noting that Lee scored in the low range to reoffend and that he was participating in the following:

  1. Is actively engaged in maintenance sex offender treatment that specifically relates to their dynamic risk factors.
  2. Has completed a disclosure of their offense related sexual history relevant to identified risk areas as verified through either the sexual history polygraph167 process, or other clinical indicators.
  3. Has developed a plan to manage ongoing risk factors and treatment needs specific to recommended level of treatment.
  4. Has presented an approved risk management plan through the SOTMP disclosure session.
  5. At this time, inmate has demonstrated their ability to manage their identified risk areas as verified by clinical indicators.
  6. If innmate has not been prescribed psychiatric medications, they do not fall under the CDOC psychiatric recommendations for medication which may enhance his ability to benefit from sex offense-specific treatment.
  7. At the current time, inmate does not display attitudes, behaviors or risk factors that present an undue risk to the community. Examples may include, but are not limited to, high degrees of traits associated with psychopathy, sadism, and static and dynamic factors or responsivity needs elevated to an unmanageable level.

Lee is now facing charges of sexual assault on a child and first-degree burglary.

A spokesperson for Gov. Jared Polis said "crimes against any Coloradan will not be tolerated and we hope this individual is brought to justice.”