Parker neighborhood rallies against proposed trash facility for Douglas County

Posted at 5:25 PM, Aug 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 21:05:52-04

PARKER, Colo. -- A neighborhood is up in arms about a trash facility that may be built across the street.

People living in the Town of Parker just found out there’s a proposed trash transfer facility that may go up in the empty 11-acre lot.

But neighbors in that area of Chambers Road and Grassland Drive said they weren’t notified about the proposal and didn't want it near their property.

The problem: Douglas County said it zoned that area for something like this back in 1998 – before there was any housing in that area.

But one neighbor said there are many concerns and reasons why the neighborhood does not want the facility in that area.

“We will be able to see it from our front yard,” said Mitch Maulik, who lives in the neighborhood. “But other concerns we have is the smell, the traffic that will be backed up, and the health hazards that come from trash transfer facilities. But one of our main concerns is that nobody notified us.”

Denver7 spoke with Douglas County about that matter.

“According to Colorado state law, it doesn’t require us to notify residents about this type of proposal,” said Jeanette Bare, who is with Douglas County Community Development. “However, it’s our policy to do so. We did notify the Town of Parker. And then the Town of Parker is responsible of getting their citizens notified if it feels appropriate.”

Neighbors in the area told Denver7 they just want to have some input and be heard from Douglas County on their reasons why they don’t want the trash transfer facility in the area.

Bare told Denver7 it encourages the public to be part of the process in the proposal.

Although neighbors told Denver7 they aren’t sure what they should do in this situation, Bare said that either party in the involved proposal could appeal if there is a decision to move forward with the facility.

Bare said it would be months before a decision is made.