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Park County mom teaches children at home during teacher strike

Posted at 9:36 PM, Oct 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-16 23:43:22-04

FAIRPLAY, Colo. — District officials in Park County have canceled classes for a fourth straight day this week as a teacher strike continues.

As Park County School District students stay home Thursday, parents are finding ways to keep their children busy.

Stacy Castro has two children within the school district currently experiencing its first-ever strike.

She says since school has been canceled over the last several days, she’s been teaching her children all the subjects she can.

"His math has definitely changed, he’s learning a lot of different things in math, it’s starting to get a little harder for me to teach his math.”

On Wednesday afternoon, the school district says a federal mediator arrived in Fairplay in order to continue negotiations between teachers and the superintendent.

Castro says she and other parents are ready to continue teaching their children as long as the strike lasts.

"A couple of my friends that have kids involved in the school we have decided to go to our community center and all of us parents bring all of our skills that we have. So, I’m really good with arts and crafts, that will be my station.I think we’re prepared except for the fact that I’m hopeful, I’m so hopeful that it will end.”

Teachers went on strike Monday over wages and other issues.

District officials have offered a $2,000 raise. Teachers want a $6,000 across the board pay raise to help keep current teachers and attract new ones.

It is the third teacher strike in Colorado in the last 18 months.