Outdoor holiday décor can create a headache for CPW officials, wildlife

Posted at 9:01 AM, Nov 21, 2018

Strings of holiday light and decorations can help a home look festive as the holiday season approaches, but should wildlife express interest in the décor, things can take a turn.

Every year, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials respond to reports of bucks that got their antlers tangled in outdoor displays, particularly those with ropes or strings.  

Recently, in Salida, a buck deer became snarled in décor rope. CPW officers and Salida Fire Department staff were able to cut the deer loose, but it’s still dragging around some rope.

To prevent these types of situation, CPW is asking Colorado residents to:

  • Wrap outdoor decorations tightly around posts and trees
  • Ensure hanging lights are at least six feet above the ground and fastened securely at each end
  • Not drape lights over bushes or trees
  • Secure decorations that are attached to a house or building
  • Put away other items animals can get tangled in, like volleyball nets, tricycles, wired items, gardening tools, hammocks, swings and other similar items

If you see a buck tangled in decorations, or any item, call the nearest CPW office. For a list of office locations and phone numbers, click here.

A wildlife officer will attempt to find the animal and determine the next steps.