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One company looks to complement – or even replace – the SAT with a critical thinking game

Posted at 5:47 PM, Nov 20, 2019

DENVER – Behind the doors of Peak to Peak Charter School, the way millions of students approach tests is being tested on.

Senior manager with Imbellus, Dr. Erica Snow, said the game they're testing on students, drops them into an ecosystem and they have to figure out how to sustain life.

"And they are presented with a series of challenges, they have to go through and do research and put together clues, try to understand in general what’s going on in the world," Snow said.

Snow said the game highlights student's problem solving and critical thinking.

"Our assessment is designed to really tap into higher order thinking, which is important for success both in school and in the workplace," Snow said.

Principal of the charter school, Kyle Matthews, said a test like this could one day complement or replace the SAT or ACT.

"The SAT and the ACT are more curriculum based – what do you know and how do you show what you know – and the Imbellus assessment, the tasks there are much more about how do you solve a problem," Snow said.

For now, the SAT and ACT will keep the throne all while others work to challenge America's perception of test taking.