'Oh God, the baby is coming:' 911 dispatcher helps couple deliver baby

Posted at 10:32 PM, Apr 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-11 00:44:08-04

CENTENNIAL — After 17 years as a 911 dispatcher at South Metro Fire Rescue, it's second nature for Angie Schell to be the calming voice on the line. But on Tuesday morning, a once-in-a-lifetime call would help a couple deliver their baby boy in their car.

"They call us because they are having difficulty breathing, or they just wrecked their car, or their house is on fire," said Schell. "This would be my first full delivery."

Saul Flores called 911 and pulled over into a strip mall parking lot on East Smoky Hill Road in Centennial, as Adrianna Alvarez was going into labor.

"Oh God, the baby is coming. She’s pushing right now," said Flores on the 911 call.

A medic arrived just in time to help finish the delivery while Angie stayed on the line.

"She delivered that baby in the front seat, she did not have time to move,” said Schell.

Angie could hear the baby cry, a good sign.

"Ok, I want you to very carefully see how close the baby is to being born. With each contraction, apply firm and gentle pressure," said Schell over the 911 call recording.

Just after 9 a.m., baby Jaden Flores was born in his parent's car.

"In the Chipotle parking lot," said Schell. "After all that everybody comes up and gives you a high five."

When the calls are usually dire and traumatic moments in people’s lives, this one was a nice way to remind her it’s not all bad.

"I have been the last voice for several people in life, so to be able to kind of be the first voice just brings it full circle," said Schell.