Man jumps into moving convertible to help driver

Man jumps into moving convertible to help driver
Posted at 3:04 PM, May 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-27 17:11:09-04

When a Northglenn man noticed a driver having a medical episode, he jumped into action without hesitating, emergency responders said.

Brian Austin was driving on Huron Street on March 4 when he noticed a convertible in front of him was going very slowly and overlapping both lanes, North Metro Fire Rescue District officials said on their website.

Other drivers went around the car and continued on their way, officials said, but Austin noticed something was wrong with the driver.

Austin parked his car in a turn lane, got out and ran after the convertible, officials said. He couldn't get the driver's door open so he jumped into the back of the car!

The driver's feet were on the gas pedal and the brake and Austin couldn't move the driver's legs, so he applied the emergency brake, officials said.

Austin stayed with the driver until paramedics arrived and took the driver to the hospital.

“Just a week earlier, we had an incident where a driver had a medical episode, drove into an intersection, and it resulted in a fatal accident,” said Lt. Harold Osborn of North Metro Fire. “Brian could have driven around the car that day, but instead, he made the quick decision to do something. He put his own life at risk and helped not only save the life of the driver that day, but potentially numerous others.”

Lt. Osborn was at the scene that day and said Austin modestly downplayed what he had done.

North Metro Fire officials called Austin's actions heroic and presented him with a "Lifesaving Award" on May 17.

Austin was presented the award in front of his family, North Metro Fire staff and firefighters, its board of directors and others.

We'd like to congratulated him and thank him for his brave and selfless actions!