North Metro Line construction delays over safety and security concerns

Posted at 6:50 AM, Oct 23, 2017

DENVER -- The North Metro N Line is facing a significant delay for concerns over homeland security. The 13-mile route begins at Union Station in Denver and runs to Thornton in 27 minutes. 

“It's the longest commuter bridge in the state,” said RTD spokesperson Nate Curry. 

Curry says the size of the commuter line brings several security challenges. For at least 2 miles, the line will run above Suncor Energy, which is known to be a strategic oil reserve for the nation and is seen by the Feds as a potential target for terrorist attacks.

Homeland security has recently instructed RTD to install blinders preventing passengers from looking down into the refineries as the train passes by.

RTD is required by federal regulators to show how in case of an emergency people will be brought down from the bridge and back up.

The security and safety requirements are causing an 18 month delay that RTD says wasn't included in the initial building plan.