New video of moose in Boulder County; Two moose spotted days after women were charged by moose

Posted at 10:59 PM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 00:59:23-04

It's not just bears on the loose around the metro area, moose are on the loose in Boulder County!

Denver 7's Kristen Skovira came across two moose just outside of Nederland, close to where two women were charged earlier this week.

“We were actually up here doing a hike and we saw people on the side of the road and pulled over,” said Colorado resident, Neil Feagans.

If you are near water, wildlife officials say there's a good chance you'll find the majestic Colorado creatures taking a dip. But don't be fooled by their cool exterior, as they can quickly turn aggressive.

“Maybe our bear repellent will work if we ever get attacked or charged,” laughed Feagans.

It's hard to know if these moose are the same ones that charged two women earlier this week in western Boulder County.

According to officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, no one was harmed in those attacks but say this is the time of year moose are very protective of their calves. They say it's important to keep pets on leashes and keep your distance.