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New database will allow public to view officer's employment status, certification

Posted at 12:37 PM, Jan 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-03 14:37:19-05

A new database will allow the public to access information regarding an officer's state certification, compliance with training requirements and employment status, the Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training Board announced Monday.

The new database is part of legislation that was enacted by the Colorado General Assembly in 2020 and 2021.

“Building trust in law enforcement calls for greater levels of transparency and accountability. We are proud of the POST Board’s commitment to these values and this publicly accessible database will advance both,” said Attorney General Phil Weiser, who also serves as chair of the POST Board.

The public will be able to see information related to any of the following actions by a peace officer:

  • Revocation of a POST certification, including the basis of the revocation;
  • Untruthfulness
  • Three or more failures to follow POST Board training requirements within 10 consecutive years
  • Termination for cause, unless the termination is overturned or reversed by an appellate process
  • Resignation or retirement while under investigation by the employing law enforcement agency, a district attorney, or the attorney general
  • Resignation or retirement following an incident that leads to the opening of an investigation within six months following the peace officer’s resignation or retirement
  • Being the subject of a criminal investigation for a crime that could result in revocation or suspension of certification or the filing of criminal charges for such a crime
  • Credibility disclosure information reported by prosecutors that could impact an officer’s credibility as a witness in court.

The database is located on the homepage of the Colorado POST website.

Officers are allowed to request a review of their entry in the database. They are also allowed to request to have information removed if they present new evidence and follow the request process.

Staff will update the database at least monthly, according to the Colorado POST. However, officials say they cannot guarantee full accuracy and timeliness of data.