New app allows riders to choose their favorite rideshare driver

UZURV compatible with Uber and Lyft platforms
Posted at 4:36 PM, Jan 02, 2017

DENVER- Richard Rael has been driving in Denver for three years taking thousands of clients across Colorado.

Rael says new technology is revolutionizing private car service.

“We're all latching onto it, you know, whatever we can do as independent contractors to enhance the business for Uber and Lyft, it's a win-win situation," said Rael.

Rael prefers his clients to use third party apps like UZURV.

It’s a way for riders to favorite, rate, select and request specific drivers who are in cars with specific amenities, not to mention giving a peace of mind to both the rider and driver that they know one another and both will be safe.

Talk of safety in rideshare programs is ramping up after a visitor in Colorado was assaulted by her Lyft driver on Christmas night.

Lyft responded to Denver7 saying the driver has been restricted from access to the Lyft platform.

“That's a rarity, and like any employment, you always have a little bit of a bad apple that make it all look good, not all of us drivers, Uber and Lyft are bad, we're great, you know, our customers like us or they wouldn't be coming back," said Rael.

UZURV'S founder, who’s also a driver, said the app works independently of Uber and Lyft.

There is a small charge to sign up and use the app for riders, which gives them access to the reservation and driver ranking features, among others.

With 15,000 drivers and 16,000 riders signed up nationwide since UZURV’s launch last year, it's quickly growing with more probability that your favorite driver is using it.

“This is a great business platform to get repeat clients, build a book of business and earn residual income based on the referrals they bring in to the UZURV platform,” said Matt Donlon, founder and CEO of UZURV.


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