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National pet shipping scheme may have ties to Colorado

Posted at 5:38 PM, Oct 30, 2017

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo – A national pet shipping scam that has users believing they are dealing with Delta Airlines may have ties to Colorado.

The company is called Delta Pet Transit, and even uses the Delta Airlines logo on its website. Delta Airlines confirmed with Denver7 that the website and company is not affiliated with the airline.

“It’s not an authorized site,” said Trebor Banstetter, a spokesperson for Delta. “Delta will always take action against those who misrepresent our company and attempt to confuse and mislead our customers.”

Delta filed a federal lawsuit last month against the site, claiming it deceives people into thinking they are working with Delta Airlines when shipping their pets to fly.

The airline said collects thousands of dollars without shipping or delivering any pets.

According to the Denver Post, Delta is seeking to obtain grocery store surveillance video of an unidentified man who picked up a pet-related payment inside a grocery store in Colorado Springs.

According to Delta’s investigations, a man picked up payment on Oct. 18 at a Western Union office inside a King Soopers grocery store.

Denver7 reached out to the Better Business Bureau in Denver to find out more about these types of scams.

“The BB scam tracker alone have 907 reports of this type of scam,” said Krista Ferndelli, a spokesperson for the BBB. “They’ve seen 37,000 complaints involving pets and it’s estimated by experts that up to 80 percent of pet sales can be scams. When it comes to these, a major red flag is payment using a Western Union or a money gram. Make sure the company you are working with uses credit cards to track the payment.”