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National gym chain with Denver-area locations bans cable news

Posted at 10:51 PM, Jan 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-09 00:53:01-05

DENVER — A national gym chain with Denver-area locations has banned 24-hour cable news networks because "consistently negative or politically charged content" doesn't mesh with the company's "healthy way of life philosophy."

Life Time Fitness, which has at least three Denver-area gyms, explained in a statement to Denver7 why it made the decision to rid its gyms of cable news:

We made the decision to remove cable news channels from the large TV screens in the cardio and fitness floor areas at the start of 2018. This was based on many member requests received over time across the country, and in keeping with our overall healthy way of life philosophy and commitment to provide family oriented environments free of consistently negative or politically charged content. The stations include CNN, FOX and MSNBC. Local news station affiliates are still on our large screens. As well, we have Wi-Fi throughout our clubs so members can view the content of their choice on their own devices, and at most (and this currently is being expanded clubs), members have the option to watch any channel, including the national cable news outlets, on cardio machines equipped with personal viewing screens.

Denver7’s Jason Gruenauer talked to local gym members about the news ban in the video above.