Three-inch nails found on some trails

Posted at 6:38 PM, May 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 20:45:29-04

Mountain bikers and hikers, beware! Nails are being found on some of your favorite trails. Denver7 spoke to one biker who says he got two flats this weekend and what's worse, it looks like the nails were put there intentionally.

Mountain biker Chad Braunback is keeping his eyes on the trail - and for good reason.

“With all the stories going around about it, paying a little more attention for sure,” Braunback said.

Over the weekend, bikers came across a buried spike strip near the "Little Scraggy Trailhead" in the Pike National Forest.

“A lot of wondering why anyone would do that,” Braunback said.

Nick Kostecki was one of the bikers who first ran over the nails, which are nearly impossible to see.

“Right in the middle of the trail there was a little thing. Looked like a stick. So I ended up getting a double-flat which is pretty rare,” said Kostecki. 

Kostecki’s friend was also riding in the area and hit them, too.

“He got a double flat as well,” said Kostecki.

But it wasn't just the flat tires that had them deflated, it was the realization that these nails were set-up on purpose, mounted to concrete bricks!

“Oh year there's no doubt it was on purpose. There were two or three of them over a few hundred yards of trail. They were definitely trying to cause damage,” said Braunback.

Forest Service Law Enforcement officials are actively investigating the incident.

If you have any information to report, please call the Forest Service Law Enforcement Anonymous Tip Line and leave a message. The number is 303-275-5266. Individuals who provide credible information that leads to an arrest and/or conviction may be eligible for payment.