Mother seeks change after non-student enters DPS charter school, assaults her son

 Mother speaks out after son assaulted at DPS charter school
Posted at 10:12 PM, Feb 11, 2022

DENVER — A mother says she's afraid to send her child back to school after a lunchroom brawl. Denver7 has learned the fight broke out after a juvenile, who did not attend the school, walked onto school grounds, got inside through an open cafeteria door and assaulted her son.

Last week, Denver police confirmed to Denver7 that officers responded to an assault at Conservatory Green High School on Jan. 31. The school is a STEM charter school within the Denver Public Schools district.

On Friday, officers confirmed an juvenile had been charged with assault and disrupting the peace following the incident.

Debbie Miller told Denver7 it was her child who was assaulted at the school.

"My son was left with a concussion," she said. "He was hit several times on the head while standing with his lunch in his hands. He was caught off guard [and] he was attacked."

The mother says the assault happened following a failed friendship and someone's relative came to the school seeking revenge.

"Why was a kid that does not go to this school able to cross that door into a school ...that I was hoping was going to be safe for my son?" Miller asked.

Video of the incident has been widely circulated in chat rooms among students. In still frames from the video, Miller identified her son on the cafeteria floor as another juvenile stood above him.

"Watching that as a mother, why didn't anybody intervene? Why do they take time to take a video? Why don't I hear the words, 'Help?'" she said. "The school has a video that shows the getaway car waiting to pick up the kid that attacked my son."

Miller says while she's glad charges were filed, she feels the ordeal could've been prevented.

"Why not provide lanyard badges for the kids to wear at all times to walk in and out of those doors so that not just anybody can walk into that school," the mother said.

Denver7 asked Denver Public Schools if they plan to increase safety following the incident. The district responded with the following statement:

"The DPS Dept. of Safety talked with DSST Conservatory Green personnel and students about this incident. Because this is an open campus, the doors to the cafeteria facility are not locked during lunchtime. Students can enter the cafeteria during lunchtime. Staff members are present to monitor the doors to the building. The school district and DSST Public Schools remain vigilant in our efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and we will continue to respond responsibly and accordingly."

For now, Miller's son is doing virtual learning while she and her family plan their next steps.

"Unless there is more security, we don't want our son going back," she said.