Mother says son was attacked by Denver Health security guards, hit with a flash light

Posted at 9:54 AM, Feb 20, 2017

DENVER -- Michelle Martinez says she never thought she would witness her son get severely beaten by security guards at Denver Health.

Martinez was at the hospital Sunday morning after she learned her 16-year-old son had been shot outside their home. She says her son, Nick Montez, met up with them at the hospital later, but as soon as he got to the hospital the guards became aggressive toward him.

“They were being aggressive with me as soon as I showed up,” said Nick.

Nick says he waited at the information desk area, as instructed by the guards, until his mother waived him to where she and the family were at. He says he began walking toward her when he was tackled by at least three guards.

“There were two that were fighting with me and then there was one that was standing back and he was the one that shot me with the Taser,” said Nick.

Then while handcuffed, Martinez says the guards hit her son in the face.

“The other guard just smacked him right in the face, and it echoed through the hallway. You could hear it, and I started screaming, ‘you guys are going to kill my son!’” said Martinez.

A spokesperson for the security company that provides guards for Denver Health says one of the guards involved in the incident has been put on leave, while the other has been reassigned.

HSS released the following statement to Denver7:

“Our officers receive training in patient restraint practices and safe handling of individuals under stress, and we are always concerned if we are not able to successfully defuse a situation,” said Alan Butler, senior vice president of healthcare security.  “We are cooperating with Denver Health’s internal investigation, and have been told Denver Police are conducting an investigation as well.”

Martinez plans to press charges and is hoping the guards responsible for putting her son in the hospital are fired. 


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