Monolith that appeared on Bellvue farm taken down by owners due to overwhelming influx of visitors

The mysterious metallic structure had drawn curious onlookers and skeptics alike to private land 70 miles outside of Denver
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Posted at 5:51 PM, Jul 03, 2024

BELLVUE, Colo. — A metallic monolith that seemingly appeared out of nowhere on a farm just north of Fort Collins last week has been taken down due to an overwhelming influx of visitors to the area over the past several days.

Lori Graves, the owner of the land on which the monolith appeared and the owner of Howling Cow Café in Bellvue, said in a Facebook post earlier Wednesday that the monolith had been taken down “due to the overwhelming influx of people on the farm.”

The shiny, six-foot tall structure – bolted into a cement pad on a hill on Graves’ farm – had attracted dozens of spectators since it first appeared without anyone noticing on June 25.

Similar in shape yet a bit wider to those that have popped up in other places across the country and around the world since late 2020, the monolith drove curious people from around the state to the farm located just over 70 miles outside of Denver.

Monolith appears in Bellvue, northwest of Ft. Collins, drawing curious onlookers

"I was hearing that there was an alien monolith on the hill, and where did it come from? And a whole bunch of questions. And I didn't know. I had to go outside and look for myself," Graves told Denver7 last week, who at the time said she had no plans to make it go away lest she incurred the wrath of a hostile alien species visiting our tiny blue dot.

By Wednesday, however, Groves said she didn’t want to bring any more trespassers into her land.

“If you are the creator and would like it back, please email,” Graves said in the social media post.

Checkout a brief timeline of monoliths that have appeared across the world here or in the Infogram below.

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