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Mom of premature baby thanks medical team that saved his life

Posted at 3:53 PM, Jan 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-08 22:47:29-05

LITTLETON, Colo. — The name Cayden means warrior and fighter.
“He fought for his life for the first three months,” said mother, Amy Littlefield.
At the beginning of the new year, it would have been a “to term” pregnancy, but baby Cayden was born four months ago.
“September 14th I woke up like a normal morning. I had just excruciating stomach pains, and I called my mom and said 'something’s wrong with me. I have to go to the doctor,'” said Littlefield.
She had no idea she was pregnant and went to the Swedish Southwest ER, a stand-alone emergency center in Littleton.
She was given some pain medicine and took a nap.
To Amy’s surprise, she woke up in labor!
It was an even bigger surprise because she had just given birth to her daughter, Braylee, nine months before.
“I was freaking out. I was so emotional, and I was overwhelmed, and I was scared,” said Littlefield.
A team of specialists swarmed in to care for Littlefield and Cayden, who was very fragile.
Thanks to their hard work, Cayden went home just before Christmas.
Monday, Cayden and his mom went back to Swedish Southwest to thank the team that saved him.
Kerry Arellana is a Flight Neonatal Nurse Practitioner who was on a team that flew Cayden to the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children on a helicopter.
She gave him the medication and air supply that saved his life.
Arellana says it’s rare for them to have the opportunity to follow up with patients after they’re better because their time with the patient is so fast and hectic.
“It just reminds all of us of why we do what we do because not everyone is so lucky,” said Arellana. 
Flight nurse Sherri Bruning was one of the first to see Cayden when he was born.
“It’s pretty remarkable that he’s doing so well and just to be able to see that he is doing well and she is doing well. It just means the world, and you don’t forget these. I’ve done hundreds of these, and some of them just stand out, and this is one I won’t forget,” said Bruning.
Cayden’s mom wants everyone to know what incredible teams are in place to care for you even if you don’t expect to need it.