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Melody Market opens in Denver's Five Points neighborhood

Melody Market
Posted at 5:34 PM, Apr 21, 2022

DENVER – A new business called Melody Market recently opened in Five Points with a goal of providing more access to fresh fruits and vegetables for residents living nearby.

“Melody Market is this idea that there's a melody to Five Points," said LaSheita Sayer, Melody Market’s owner. "There's an integration of different notes. When you think about what a melody is, it's this combination of notes that turn into something that's pleasing to the air and to the mind. So for Melody Market, it was an attempt to recognize the fact that we needed more access to fresh fruit and produce."

Melody Market is one of few Black-owned grocery stores in Colorado.

“We're not only able to service the community by having a place to pick up that last-minute tomato, that last-minute bag of chips, but we're also able to continue the story of the legacy and the history of Five Points in the store,” Sayer said.

Along the walls and aisles of the market, shoppers will find images and stories of 10 Black historical figures.

“I was looking for a way to show and celebrate some personalities from Black history in a way that was inspiring and motivating, no matter who you are walking in. But at the core, I was really hoping that other young people of color could walk in and see the faces Maya Angelou, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and learn about them,” Sayer said.

Sayer said while Safeway, several blocks away, may have more options, she wants to provide a more personal shopping experience for Melody Market customers.

“I spent the first month interviewing almost every person who walked in the door, asking them, 'What's your favorite cereal? What's your favorite chip?,'” Sayer said.

Sayer said her regular customers will find their favorite items on the shelves. The market also recently launched a fresh produce program.

“You can let us know what type of fresh fruit and produce you'd like to have. We'll have a specific day for you to pick up that order,” Sayer said.

Sayer said at a time when many Five Points businesses have permanently closed, she still views the neighborhood as a place of opportunity and is happy to provide a much-needed food option.