Mass decontamination drill unfolding in Denver metro

Mass decontamination drill unfolding in Denver metro
Posted at 11:38 AM, Oct 17, 2017

DENVER — The latest preparedness drill to unfold in the Denver metro is focusing on decontamination and treatment of victims in a mass chemical attack.

Hospitals and first responders will be focused on both honing their skills and testing their response in the scenario of either a domestic or foreign attack involving a chemical agent, a nuclear attack, or an explosive device. 

Medical personnel will simulate the decontamination process, but also simulate the response to having a mass amount of patients. 

Officials say the public shouldn't be concerned if they see an abnormal number of first responders or a congregation outside a local hospital.

This is just the latest in a string of western preparedness drills. Tap here to learn more about drills held over the summer.