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Marina struggles to keep up with low water levels on Lake Dillon leading up to Labor Day weekend

Our Colorado: How Frisco is dealing with drought
Posted at 2:34 PM, Aug 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-31 22:21:41-04

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SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo -- Staff at Frisco Bay Marina are trying to keep up with water levels that are dropping about one inch per day.

"And so an inch a day going down means the water line is moving 10 feet out every day, so we have to keep chasing it and moving the docks, which is definitely a lot of work," said Tom Hogeman, the marina's general manager.

Hogeman said they're still open for business despite the low water levels; in fact, rentals are nearly booked solid for the holiday weekend. So far the water level is down approximately 11 feet.

The boat rental dock is in an area that is usually under seven to eight feet of water. Instead, the dock is sitting up on dry land, surrounded by mud.

Marina staff had to move the rental boats, kayaks and paddle boards further out where there's still water.

"We started off with arguably one of our best years ever. Memorial Day was a zoo here. It was super busy and often times it’s not like that. And to go from that to then the water leaving and having to eat with this kind of situation, that was a first," said Hogeman.

Hogeman said he hasn't seen the water this low since 2012 and it will only continue to go down as we head into the fall. The marina is typically open for rentals through mid-October but this year the season could end early.

"I think we’re shooting for the end of September and then kind of make the call in a few weeks as we know a little more about how things are going to look, and how business is and how weather is looking," said Hogeman.

In the meantime staff will continue moving the dock out as needed. He also said they'll be praying for a lot of snow this winter.