'Watch Nunn Grow (Weed)': Town mulls greenhouse

Posted at 7:42 PM, May 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-13 21:42:43-04

The town of Nunn, in Weld County, is considering allowing a private business to open a marijuana greenhouse facility on 53 acres of land.

The Nunn council took it's first look at a proposal to open a large complex in the town. If the proposal goes through, the town could see a large increase in funding, allowing it to pay for everything it needs -- that's according to Joe Clingan, the Nunn Chief of Police.

"The funds will be primarily used for upgrades, [and] repair upkeep of the police department," said Clingan. "We're still in the figuring it out phase. At this point, it's a proposal."

Nunn has no restaurants, no grocery store and no gas station. The town has almost no private businesses, making it difficult to fund repairs and operating costs, Clingan said.

Clingan laughed at the thought of the town's notable sign on a historic water tower that reads "Watch Nunn Grow," adding that at one point, a group of teens climbed the tower and spray painted the word "Weed," changing the phrase to "Watch Nunn Grow Weed." This was well before the town began to consider this proposal.

However, some residents believe it's a bad idea.

"I think we're inviting a lot of bad things that could happen," said Jay O'Neil, who lives just outside of Nunn. "Property values, nobody is going to want to move next to a grow operation."

Others think any type of income could improve the town.

"As long as Nunn gets some money for it, I don't have any issues with it," said Ken Hartshorn.


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