Denver's 4/20 rally is postponed after all

Posted at 10:39 AM, Apr 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-16 21:29:31-04

Denver's 4/20 rally was postponed Saturday due to "circumstances and other issues beyond our control," chief community organizer for Denver 4/20 Miguel Lopez confirmed with Denver7. 

Lopez would not elaborate on what those circumstances and other issues were, but said the decision was not weather-related. The announcement comes a day after they reassured the public the event would go on, rain or snow

"It's not that we're not ready," Lopez told Denver7, adding that everyone who already had a ticket will be honored at another time.  

The Denver 4/20 Rally leadership posted the announcement at 10:18 a.m., almost 20 minutes after the event was scheduled to start. 

"Thanks for the notice 20min late.. The weather isn't even bad. Spent $300 on tickets n $30 on über [sic] n now I'm standing here with my d--k in my hand because you gave no notice," said one angry user on their Facebook page. 

"Drove 10 hours to go to this, all the while you guys assuring everyone that the show would definitely go on despite the weather. Spent all my gas money to get here, and you cancel it 30 minutes AFTER it was supposed to open? Been going to this rally for years, first year not going as a local and this is f-----g ridiculous," said another.

"I love how yesterday you guys posted that snow won't cancel the show and you referenced Christmas parades and then today after the initial time of the rally you decide to cancel? S----y move. You better issue refunds to those of us who paid for tickets, who knows when you will reschedule it and who knows if everyone who already planned for today will be able to go on the new date," added another disgruntled would-be participant. 

The new concert date and additional information will be released on the Denver 4/20 rally website in the near future, Lopez said in a statement.   


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