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Airport policy in LA allows travelers to bring marijuana, but what about Denver?

Posted at 4:55 PM, Sep 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-27 21:25:57-04

DENVER -- The Los Angeles International Airport says it's okay to pack your marijuana when you pack your bags, according to a new policy on the airport's website that's getting a lot of attention for what it's spelling out when it comes to traveling with marijuana. 

The policy states that anyone 21 years of age or older can possess up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and eight grams of concentrated marijuana for personal consumption. California voters passed Proposition 64, the initiative to legalize marijuana, which went into effect in January 2018.

The airport policy recognizes that just because marijuana is legal in California, travelers might run into different laws when they visit another state and it encourages them to check what those laws are.

Federal law still prohibits the possession of marijuana and TSA security screening falls under the federal umbrella.

The Denver International Airport is still telling people to leave their marijuana at home when they travel and it does not anticipate that changing.

Because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, we do not have plans to revisit our policy at this time. People seem to be well informed that it is illegal under federal law to fly with marijuana, and that the airport prohibits the possession of any amount of marijuana, and the vast majority of travelers are simply not bringing it to the airport.

The Denver Police Department has jurisdiction at the airport and also weighed in on the changes in California. A spokesperson said, "LAX’s policy will not affect how the Denver Police Department partners with Denver International Airport and the Transportation Security Administration to address marijuana-related violations."