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Man's parked SUV totaled by 'careless' driver in Congress Park, crash data shows similar collisions

Man's parked SUV totaled by 'careless' driver in Congress Park, crash data shows similar collisions
Posted at 10:16 PM, Nov 09, 2021

DENVER — A Congress Park resident parked his SUV in the usual spot outside his home. Hours later, the car was totaled by another driver.

"I was honestly stunned. I just kind of stared outside for a little bit," Adam Drevenkar said.

Drevenkar's parked Nissan Armada was totaled just after 8 p.m. on Monday night by a sports car heading down Adams Street.

Denver police issued citations for "careless driving resulting in injury" and "no proof of insurance" to the driver of the sports car.

"My car was pushed about 30 feet from where it was [parked] up onto my neighbor's tree lawn," Drevenkar said. "I mean, I'm very upset. I'm very thankful that nobody was [seriously] injured. If you look at the condition of the car that hit my car, it's shocking that they were able to walk away,"

He and other neighbors told Denver7 they're concerned more collisions will continue.

"There's just a lot more people driving too fast," he said.

"It's just something that's happening more and more in the neighborhood," said Debby Myers, another Congress Park resident.

According to traffic accident data compiled by the City of Denver, Congress Park has had just over 3,500 traffic accidents over the past six years.

Some of the causes include careless and reckless driving, speeding and driving while under the influence.

Data from Denver's Open Data Catalog lists the following traffic accident totals for Congress Park and the surrounding neighborhoods since 2015:

  1. Congress Park Neighborhood – 3,526
  2. Cherry Creek Neighborhood - 3,099
  3. Hampden Neighborhood – 2,814
  4. Cheesman Park Neighborhood – 2,463
  5. Montclair Neighborhood - 2,097
  6. Hilltop Neighborhod – 1,873
  7. Wash Park Neighborhod – 1,756
  8. Hale Neighborhood – 1,728
  9. South Park Hill Neighborhood – 1,657
  10. City Park Neighborhood – 1,297
  11. Skyland Neighborhood – 796

Denver city councilman Chris Hinds said he's concerned with the amount of crashes in the city.

"We all deserve the freedom to get around our city safely, no matter how we choose to get there. That said, our Vision Zero commitments continue to go in the wrong direction, and we continue to have more, not fewer, crashes," Hinds said. "I'm not aware of the details of this specific crash, but there are numerous reasons why it's important for Denver to double its efforts with regards to vehicle and pedestrian safety. I've spoken with DOTI, and they will take another look at street designs particularly in Congress Park considering the volume of crashes that have occurred recently."