Man killed in 4-car crash was a musician, dad

Posted at 11:14 PM, Jan 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-05 09:06:04-05

A musician and father  killed in a four-car wreck at Colorado Boulevard and Mexico on Sunday. Jonathan Nichols, 29, who also went by the stage name and nickname Kokayi Danladi, died alongside his friend, 42-year-old Anthony Mills.

"He was an inspiration to all the friends he talked to and made music with," said Jamie Jay, a friend of the victim.

Danladi was a founding member of an organization called Creative Strategies for Change. Their offices were closed on Monday as colleagues mourned his loss.

Man accused of deadly crash is licensed limo driver

A statement from the organization said, "Kokayi was an exceptional man, an extremely talented artist, and a gifted educator.  He was our rock, a solid, stand up colleague, and friend, and a devoted family man."

Kokayi is survived by a daughter.

Family members said the two victims had just left Denver on their way to Boulder. Police believe the driver, Semere Dawit, may have been driving under the influence. Dawit owned and operated a limo service. Denver7 has learned he had a history of driving violations.

In a Monday afternoon press conference, traffic investigators said the driver was doing at least twice the speed limit when the crash happened. They also found no evidence that the driver attempted to brake.

"It's just horrible that someone's negligence and carelessness could take away a person who was so caring," said Jay.

Five others were injured in the crash. As of Monday, four of them have been released from the hospital.

The driver was also seriously injured and placed in custody at the hospital. Police are working to prepare a report for the district attorney to determine possible charges.

Mills was the founder of the website All Real Radio.