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Man disputes ownership after reuniting with lost dog 5 years later

Posted at 2:53 PM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 19:51:05-04

DENVER – A man drove from St. Louis to Denver after finding out a dog he lost five years ago was found.

However, the man might not be able to bring his dog home because another person claims to have owned the dog for the last five years.

Jason Senseney owned his black shepherd dog, Molly, in St. Louis nearly ten years ago.

“I got her in a parking lot in a Walmart when she was six weeks old,” Senseny said. “She’s like family. She was my first kid – my first dog ever.”

Senseny said he owned Molly for five years, and then lost her in St. Louis in 2013.

“Five years ago, she jumpd the fence,” Senseny said. “It’s hard, I thought she was dead this whole time.”

Senseny said a month before she went missing, she had been attacked by a dog and he needed to spend about $5,000 to bring her back into good health. Senseny kept all the documents and vet records as proof of ownership.

Five years later, Molly was found in Denver.

“We called all the shelters and all the animal hospitals in St. Louis,” Senseny said. “We never thought to call Colorado because why would she be in Colorado? I think that guy that’s had her for five years just found her and didn’t go through the steps of trying to find the owners.”

Molly was found by the Denver Animal Shelter. Senseny said he was contacted by the microchip company about finding his dog since Molly was registered to him.

“I’m pretty sure she hopped the fence for that guy like she did with me,” Senseny said. “She’s been known to do that.”

Senseny said the shelter wanted any record of proof of ownership, which he has.

“But they’re saying the other guy has pictures and vet records also for Molly,” Senseny said.

Denver7 spoke to the Denver Animal Shelter spokesperson who said they are trying to do their due diligence since this is a very emotional issue, but aren’t sure when they’ll have a decision.

Denver7 tried speaking to the other man who claims to own Molly, but he declined to comment.

Senseny said he plans on staying in the parking lot until the shelter comes to a decision.

“I’m just playing the waiting game,” Senseny said. “I drove a thousand miles expecting to get my dog. I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”