Report: Man accused of pushing snowboarder off chairlift found legally insane

Snowboarder was uninjured after fall from lift
Posted at 3:13 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-21 17:13:52-04

The man accused of pushing a snowboarder off of an Aspen lift was found legally insane by a state psychiatrist, according to the Aspen Times.

Thomas Proesel allegedly pushed Seth Beckton off of a chairlift in January at Aspen Highlands, causing Beckton to fall about 25 feet. Becton was uninjured.

Proesel has been charged with felony attempted assault.

In April, Proesel entered a plea of not guilty over Skype from a psychiatric facility in Tennessee.

Proesel's arrest warrant says he made nonsensical statements to police, which possibly included something about a terrorist.

Pitkin County Judge Chris Seldin set July 15 as the bench trial date for Proesel in the interest of granting the suspect a speedy trial.a