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Lucky dog: Firefighters rescue pooch after fall from cliff near Gold Camp Road

Posted at 10:29 AM, Sep 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-13 11:00:54-04

A dog that fell 60 feet during a visit near Gold Camp Road needed a rescue by Colorado Springs firefighters Thursday morning. Crews had to engage in a high angle rescue to reach the canine that fell off a cliff.

Firefighter Ryan B. of Station 13A says the dog slid off the cliff and came to a stop on a 2-foot wide ledge, with another 100 feet left to the bottom of the cliff. "She got pretty lucky she stopped right there, stuck in the perfect spot," Ryan says.

Fire crews had to get fully rigged up for an ascent and descent for the rescue effort. They roped down to get her in a harness and onto the rope system so she could be carried back up. She was a bit scared with a little growling at first, yet realized eventually they were there to help.

Oreo, a sheepdog, is doing okay with a minor injury to the mouth. She was able to walk to see her owner who followed up with a veterinarian for any non-visible injuries. Victor Brena says he had just finished up his run and stopped next to a creek for a rest. Victor admits he took Oreo off the leash, but the dog took off running and then slipped off the cliff. "I was really scared, I love my dog," explains Victor.

"This is a pretty rare thing. Dogs are usually more careful than humans," explains Ryan when asked how common high angle rescues are at the location. He advises always keeping your dog on the leash for safety. As for humans, high angle rescues happen more often than they like as some go hiking unprepared.