Man reportedly wanted Longmont PD to kill him

Posted at 4:44 PM, Jan 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-10 18:44:37-05

A Longmont traffic stop that began peacefully quickly became volatile when the suspect reportedly told police he wanted officers to kill him.

The Longmont Police Department says Israel Flores Alvarez was visibly intoxicated when Sergeant Wederquist pulled over the man late Saturday night.

The sergeant stopped Alvarez in his Chevrolet Silverado near Emery Street and 2nd Avenue, after witnessing gunshots come from the vehicle a few blocks away. Police say the gun appeared to be pointed straight in the air.

Alvarez stepped out of his truck and initially followed commands. Then, Wederquist says, the man began saying he wanted officers to kill him while grabbing at his waistband, as if to draw a weapon. Longmont Police say Alvarez crept closer to the sergeant, who stood behind his patrol car, and stopped listening to orders.

Wederquist used a taser to stop Alvarez and took him into custody.

Police say Alvarez reeked of alcohol. They describe his eyes as bloodshot and his clothes as disarrayed. Wederquist said Alvarez sounded confused.

Police searched the suspect’s car and reportedly found a loaded handgun and half-empty can of beer. At the hospital, police say the suspect admitted to drinking beer while driving. He also told investigators that this is the second time he’s been arrested for an event like this within the last month.

Alvarez was eventually booked into Boulder County Jail.